Blogging Offline is Not Very Fun


So I am in Carytown, surrounded by 10+ access points and can’t get to any of them!! I figured I would have a reasonably good chance of finding an interweb connection in a busy place like Carytown, but apparently I was mistaken. Even though I couldn’t get to the "cloud", I figured I would fire up good ole Windows Live Writer and get some offline blogging done. The thing is, "blogging" whilst offline is not very fun. For some reason I am having a hard time opening my head and picking a writing topic. Now it may have something to do with the fact that I am sitting in a nail salon, semi-high from the fumes, and at the same time listening to Jawbone Radio on my iPod, but I am often distracted with all kinds of things whilst blogging, like work for example.

I know that a lot of my ideas for my posts come from stuff I see online, but I am always coming up with things to talk about or rant about when I am not in front of a computer. Is it that my disconnection from the WWW is so distracting in and of itself that my mind is not capable of getting over it and my blogging gears stop turning?…… Maybe

The worst part…. I am sitting beside a Clearwire AP, but don’t want to bother the owner for the broadband goodness. My loss I suppose.