Apple SDK and My iPod Touch


So the team @ Apple announced a few things yesterday, all of which have to do with the iPhone and some to do with the iPod Touch. The thing I was most interested in was the SDK. The SDK (Software Developer Kit), in a nutshell, is the thing that will allow anyone to create applications that will run on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is exciting because I have an iPod Touch and really look forward to having more applications to run on it. For the iPhone owners, the software update will be FREE. Any chance it’s free for the iPod Touch owners? NOPE!

Back in January Apple released a new software update for the iPod Touch. The software update was FREE for iPhone users, but the iPod Touch users had to drop $20.00 for the update. Now if you buy a new iPod Touch, you get the update for FREE because they didn’t raise the price of the Touch and it ships with the new software. AAAHHH..

So just over a month later, Apple is repeating the same stunt. The Version 2.0 software won’t be available until June and they have not yet set the price, but unless the price is $5 or less I am going to be slightly irritated about it. I paid my $20 for the January update and I will pay for the V.2.0 update as well. Apple keeps referencing an accounting thing that requires the iPod Touch updates to cost something, as opposed to being free to the iPhone users. I think Apple is running a bleeding edge company and I really like what they are coming up with these days, I just wish they were a little nicer to their early adopters. Many Apple fans tend to be early adopters and though some additional cost is involved with this, Apple seems to be hitting that source a little too often in my mind.

Hopefully it will be cheap, because I plan on upgrading my iPod Touch as soon as it comes out.

Ok, I’m done complaining about it for now…