80’s Skateboarding WAS Awesome!

Did anyone else skate back in the day? I did, I was pretty young, but not too young to have bought this board, trucks, wheels, rails.. the whole package. Man that was aweso… RAD!


Check out this old school skating video. Boy it brings back some memories!


2 Comments on “80’s Skateboarding WAS Awesome!

  1. You know what I remember loving was some particular skater movie where you had the valley ‘pretty boy’ who was in love with the sister of the leader of the punk skater gang… Thrashin! that was ‘rad’ man…

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  2. Yeah, I think I saw that. This one sticks out in memory for me… Gleaming the Cube.


    Speaking of Rad, any chance anyone saw the movie “RAD”? Used to be a favorite rental from Erol’s. I used to race BMX, so naturally I had to have a favorite BMX movie.