Yahoo Just Launched a Digg Clone


I heard the "buzz" late last week, but didn’t post about it since I couldn’t find a Beta page. Yahoo just released a Digg clone called Buzz. If you are familiar with Digg, you know what Yahoo Buzz is. It’s got Entertainment, Sports, World, Video, and etc. This is not Digg. Maybe Digg for the masses. While Buzz is currently serving up the basics, Digg has been built on a much different base. Digg has many of the mass appeal elements, but it’s main draw is technology and related news. It also has a lots of random nerdy, goofy, and viral content.

I will say that the level of maturity over @ Digg is severely lacking. The comments can be completely inflammatory and the stuff that gets promoted to the front page is not always the best of what is being submitted, so I guess you could say that the mob think and bandwagon mentalities are in full swing. Enough about Digg already.

Yahoo is not the first to make a bid to put the heat on Digg. had a Digg clone up and running for a while, but it ultimately failed miserably and went down the tubes. There have been many other clones, but none have built the following that Digg has. I am also not sure that anyone will beat Digg at their own game.

So go check it out and drop a comment below if you have any thoughts…


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