Red, Blue, Purple… Round One in VA


I really hope this Election will not be, for me, like the last couple have been. I REALLY want to be able to pick someone I like, not just the best of the worst. When it comes to preference in parties, I would say that I am a little bit of both. I do not think either party has it completely right. So where do I stand right now, a mere day before the Virginia primaries?

It’s something like this…

I am completely intrigued by the fair tax, or as some call it, the consumption tax. Since I have had a job, I have disliked the tax system with a passion. I pay when I get it and I pay when I spend it. I realize that the fair tax would be roughly equal to what I am paying in taxes currently, but it allows me to choose whether or not to pay taxes and for that I am very interested. Simplicity @ it’s finest!

That statement alone pretty much leaves me with Huckabee, who I have been interested in for the duration.

So what’s going to happen if Huckabee is defeated by McCain? Which seems very possible at this point.

That’s where it gets sticky. I actually like McCain because he seems to be a little bit of both, like I am, but his view on the war may be enough to keep me away. I am not for an instant cut bait and run scenario, but I definitely think it’s time to rework the plan and consider going at things in a different way.

So if I choose to stay away from McCain will who is next on the list?

Well, Ron Paul is still interesting, but his only chance is to run as an independent, which I have expected from the get go.

If I jump on the D bus, Obama is a front runner in my mind simply because he is different and I don’t want another Clinton in the White House. I am not against a female President, but I am against two families tag teaming the White House. Seriously…think about it. The White House has been held by a Bush or a Clinton for the last 20 years! I am not ready for more of the same, from the same, for the next 4 to 8 years. It’s time to shake things up a little bit don’t ya think.

So there it is. A nutshell view of what is going on in my head, politically.

Go Vote Tomorrow!


7 Comments on “Red, Blue, Purple… Round One in VA

  1. I hear you Kamen. It is very tough to pinpoint someone at this point. They sure do all talk a good talk. and they all want to “shake things up”. Funny what “shaking things” up have they done at their previous positions… It’s going to be tough!

  2. Interestingly similar to my political sentiments… and I did vote for Huckabee đŸ™‚

    Now that I see the end result, I’m wondering who to back for the real thing…