Inbox Heaven


I ran across this article called “Inbox Heaven”. The idea here is to merge all of your email into one place (GMail) and manage it smartly. I read through the article and decided to give it a try. The point of it the “system” is to delete more email and manage what you keep. If you need to follow up within the next two weeks, you star it and archive it. This drops it in your “starred” box and you can go to it later. If you need for longer than two weeks, just archive. The idea is to keep the inbox empty…

Check it out. Inbox HeavenĀ 


2 Comments on “Inbox Heaven

  1. I live by the empty inbox mantra (and the same goes for my RSS reader).

    It’s either deleted, acted upon, or archived appropriately for later review/reading.

    I will say that having IMAP configured has made that much easier, allowing me to keep things tidy whether I’m on the go with the iPhone, at work, or at home.

    For those that don’t have IMAP set up for their own domains, Gmail offers a great solution (and the link you provided gives a very thorough explanation of the setup process).

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