WordPress is trying to kill Twitter!


We all know what Twitter is… I hope…(The Twitter Site, just in case). Well, WordPress.com has just released a new theme that essentially turns a WordPress.com page into a quick entry Twitter type page. The theme is called Prologue and I just setup KamenLee.WordPress.com with it. I used to use Twitter, but it got old…quickly. Maybe I am old school or something, but I just didn’t find it all that useful and found that I never USED it for anything. What can I say, maybe I’m just not that popular. So the implications of a WordPress version may be just as useless. They key will be in the integration. If I can EASILY post to the quick entry page and then have that same data posted in some unique way on my main site as a “right now” update, it just might stick. I know that can be done with Twitter, but when I used it, it didn’t work very well, if at all.So here’s to new development and hopes that the new and nifty ability is not wasted on people like me that usually never find a reason to use it!

More info HERE and thanks goes to Anthony for the scoop.


PS – Feeding my main site with these quick updates should be VERY easy. All I have to do is setup an RSS module on my main page with the kamenlee.wordpress.com feed. Done! Standby for implementation…

10 Comments on “WordPress is trying to kill Twitter!

  1. I like this theme and thinking about deploying it inside my company, just not sure yet. The one thing I do like about twitter is at least the community around it. The thing with the prologue theme is that its more of a one person, or group, posting area. This is perfect for those that like twitter but dont really care about the community around it.