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I recently got an email from one of the creators of Utterz. He is a member of Blog365 and wanted me to know about his creation. So not wanting to send “advertising” to my Blo365 members, I checked into the service myself and have a few VERY interesting things to report…

First of all, let’s define what Utterz is, then we can talk about my take.

What is Utterz?

Utterz is the first way you can instantly blog your experiences, thoughts and ideas, anywhere, using all the capabilities of your mobile phone. Utterz mashes together the voice, video, pictures, and text you call or send in and creates an ‘Utter’ that can immediately update your existing web pages on sites like Blogger, Facebook, LiveJournal, MySpace and more. (WordPress Too!)

So…How does Utterz work?
With Utterz, anytime you have an experience, thought, opinion, or funny story you can share it, instantly, with the world or just your friends. The easiest way to get started is just call 712-432-Mooo (6666) and record a voice Utter. Then snap a picture or video from your phone and send with some text to go@utterz.com. We’ll mash it all together instantly and post it. You can choose to have it posted to Utterz and your blog or webpage, to just your web page or to just yourself. You can send voice, pix, videos and text in any order!

So there is some basic info about Utterz and it came from the FAQ on their page.  On to my opinion…

So I setup an account. The first thing I did was dial up the Mooo Line ( 712-432-6666) and recorded a quick test message. The phone interface is nice. Since you have your Cell phone number setup with Utterz already, you don’t have to do anything, it recognizes the number and will post what you record to your account and if you have auto post setup, it will post it there as well. I checked my account an boom, there it was! My voice on a little embedded player on the Utterz page. Then I hopped on over to my site and checked to see what Utterz posted there. To my enjoyment, it was the exact same little embedded player with my recorded message just a click away.

Somthing I noticed. When you record to Utterz and it posts to your blog, you get no tittle, but I can’t expect there to be a title, since I have only submitted voice, not text. More on that further down.

Next up email Utterz. I was on the way to the office this morning and saw a chicken truck (or turkey) and it kinda grossed me out and it made me think about why I eat poultry when it seems so nasty in all other forms. I snapped a quick picture with my Treo 700P and atatched it to an email. I typed “Chicken Truck” in the subject, added the picture, and wrote a quick blurb about it. Then I send it to go@utterz.com. I get to work and there it is! My picture of the truck posted to my site with the title and text I added. On that note I decided to write a note to Randy @ Utterz to give him the glowing feedback he deserves.

I played around with the Utterz widget and dropped the sidebar version on my site. It worked like a dream. I refreshed my site and there it was. It even reads the text entries to you, just hit play.

Utterz also claims that you can call in and record something and then send an email with text, images, whatever and they will combine the two to make one post. I assume that there is a time limit to the mashup feature, but I think it’s a pretty stellar setup.

Randy also told me that you can setup multiple Utterz connections and choose where you want them to go when you call in to record.

This is the kind of advancement I have been looking for when it comes to integrating multiple technologies to enhance blog access and frequency. I guess the next step is to tell all of the Blog365 members about it. I actually think this would be VERY helpful to those of us that are trying to blog everyday of 2008!


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