Utterz Best Micro-Blog Tool?

There is Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Jaiku, Cromple, and now Utterz. I have used 4 of those 6 micro blogging tools and have to hand the gold to Utterz. Why?
It simply works. More specifically…It posts to my WordPress blog so seamlessly, it couldn’t be easier. See, I setup a Tumblr account a while back because I really liked their their "Quick Post" bookmarklet. I really enjoyed using the tool, but wanted the Tumblr posts on my blog. I setup and RSS aggregator on my site, but ran into a CRON job issue which in the end made it possible to post the Tumblr posts to my blog, but only when I manually update the RSS aggregation tool. What all that means, the method was useless. I signed up for Utterz and within 15 minutes had made my first test post and it ended up on my blog. DONE
I have not been using the audio ability of Utterz recently, but plan to start making it a habit.
Blog/Utter On!
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