TransAtlantic Submarine Cables…HOW EXCITING!…kinda



I see all kinds of rack systems and big rooms full of equipment in my line of work, so I would know that I was looking at communication cable if I saw this, but given the perspective, I am pretty sure I would not ever guess that those cables were headed into the ocean. Check out the description.

Transatlantic Submarine Cables Reaching Land

These submarine telecommunication cables extend more than 8,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean before reaching this endpoint in Avon, New Jersey. They transmit as many as 60 million simultaneous conversations. “There’s a humor because the cables are so important, yet they look so unguarded and unimportant,” Simon said.

Photo: Taryn Simon, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery

Humor indeed. I would like to reiterate though, given the perspective, those cables are VERY unassuming, but what is just outside of the frame might make it more clear… You know, cameras, laser guns, and Stormtroopers. If all of those things were present, I would assume that the cable were of some importance. At least a little bit anyway.




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  1. Yeah – like you said, we have seen three days ago how great they are, sigh….