Time…That Series Started Off Strong!


RCC has begun the next message series and it is entitled “Time”. Apparently Pastor Rick has been working on this one for a while and was totally amped to get it started. The first of five messages was great today and it really firmed up the discussions Mel and I have been having recently about life management. So we got the ball rolling, but we’ll give Pastor Rick some credit for helping speed it up. I am pretty excited about the series and think each week will be consistently interesting and motivational. The place was packed today too, pretty encouraging!

I could segue into a long rambling discussion about the implication of the topic, but instead, I will leave it at that and turn in….

Oh, I do want to thank the RCC Band for doing  Chicago – “Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is?” today, it was AWESOME, nice work RCC Band, you did one of my favorites. Your version of Kenny Chesney’s “Don’t Blink” was also notable. Nice work mixing it up a bit!


7 Comments on “Time…That Series Started Off Strong!

  1. How ironic… I went to RCC for the first time, and happened to be online tonight and doing a google search on La Difference and somehow ended up on this blog. I was very impressed with Pastor Rick and the band! 🙂

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