Steve Jobs Macworld 2008 Keynote in 60 seconds!

While the Apple keynote was going on yesterday, I kept up with it in real time at MacRumorsLive. The page was setup specifically for the keynote and was a live blog feed from MacRumors. The page was set to refresh automatically and it included text updates of the announcements as well as a few pictures of the presentation. Honestly, it was the best live blog I have ever seen. It was very simple, but worked…even on my wonky Treo700p running Blazer!

Anyway, I got home and ran through the actual video keynote on Apple’s website. It was 90 minutes, so I did a little fast forwarding, since I already knew the news. After the keynote, Mahalo released a sweet recap of it that is trimmed down to a mere 60 seconds!  Thanks Mahalo!