JerkStopper…Seriously? Put THAT on your MacBook!


This is the JerkStopper. This device is said to SAVE your laptop from all of those annoying power connector issues that are related to accidentally jerking the power cord out of the laptop. Sounds great right? I know I have yanked a few connectors out and I used to have a laptop that needed the power cord to be held a certain way for it to power the laptop and charge the battery. So why haven’t I dropped my $9.95 yet. This product WILL keep your power connector from being damaged, but there is a good chance you will rip out your USB, RJ45, or RJ11 port if you do jerk the power cable. If that doesn’t happen, your whole laptop will end up on the floor and I am pretty sure I would rather have a broken power connector than a broken laptop.

I really hope someone with a MacBook buys this thing. Talk about a nifty new gadget ruining a really good idea.

“Hey look guys, I got the “Jerk Stopper” for my MacBook, it will keep my power connector (with that stupid MagSafe design) from easily coming out when I accidentally jerk the cord. Now hopefully it will only rip the USB port out, but it might just yank the whole thing onto the floor, rendering my MacBook MacBroke! I guess when that happens I will have to look into the MacBook Air.” “Besides, the MacBook Air will just fly around the room when I jerk the cable with the “Jerk Stopper” installed, which will be much better!”


PS – I want a MacBook, so I am not slamming the Mac people. Anyone have an extra they don’t need? Ha, as if…


2 Comments on “JerkStopper…Seriously? Put THAT on your MacBook!

  1. Actually the device was designed to preclude all the day-to-day tugging and pulling on power cords that cumulatively cause the crappy little poorly designed AC connector inside the computer to fail. It’s not the end-all, be-all resolution for stupidity. It won’t save you if you suddenly kick or throw or drag your laptop across the room (nothing will). In a year of testing I haven’t found anyone that “ripped out a USB or RJ 11 or RJ45 port”. Not saying it couldn’t happen but I haven’t had it happen. The USB connector is a tight fit but since it’s basically a friction connection it will release with enough pressure.