Interstate Chinese Fire Drill (How To with Pic)

If you are over the age of ….18 or so, you most certainly are old enough to enjoy the thought of a Chinese Fire Drill. For the young and unaware, a Chinese Fire Drill is when you are in a car and stopped at a light or sign, you all jump out of the car, run a lap around the car, and jump back in. It’s spontaneous, fun, and might just annoy people behind you. Great right!?

So I have developed what one might call an Interstate Chinese Fire Drill. Follow along on the chart…

You begin at point A and are traveling North, you take exit B, around the loop and take exit C, around that loop and take exit D, around THAT loop and take exit E, merge onto the highway traveling North towards point F.


Congratulations! You have just completed an Interstate Chinese Fire Drill!

This can be done on ANY interstate, as long as it has a “4 Leaf Clover” style interchange. I suggest this be attempted ONLY when there are multiple people in the car to ensure maximum annoyance.

Enjoy and you can thank me later!