I Am Really Getting Tired of Velvet…And Their Hummers!

I am not saying they need to be shut down (though I would be happier if they were), but I really dislike Velvet…..(the Gentleman’s Club downtown for the uninformed). It seems like everything they do to promote the business is VERY showy, which I am sure plays a huge part in their success, but I think it’s a little much.


Here is one of the owners Hummer’s. Not only is it a jacked up “pimped out” Hummer, but the scantily clad ladies on the side are anything but discrete.


Here’s one of them now. This was taken at the ABC warehouse where people upkeep ABC license stuff. Not passing judgment, but it was a pretty unsurprising place to see this thing parked.

Aside from the TWO massive Hummers with custom graphics, this place is in the building downtown where the Princess Diana mural is painted…. Yep, your heard right, Princess on the side, lap dances inside!



And what do we have on the corner, why it’s a guy in a monkey suit and a dude with a huge fro wig on holding a cardboard bikini girl. It just keeps getting better!

To finalize the showiness, they have literally topped it off with two big ole spotlights on the top of the building. At night you can see the call of seduction from miles away. Visitors from afar approach Richmond on 95 North and wonder what gem those lights lead to. Part of the business plan I am sure, but again, mighty “in your face” don’t ya think?

I am only one person, but I am getting tired of this. I know it’s all over the television and the internet, but popular and rampant does not always indicate something good or reasonable. I can’t wait to have kids and have them ask me why there is a 10 foot bikini girl on the car next to us… The explanation will be fun!


8 Comments on “I Am Really Getting Tired of Velvet…And Their Hummers!

  1. I guess you missed all the excitement a couple of weeks ago. Your favourite strip club owners painted over the Diana picture. It’s now just white. Can’t wait to see what their going to do next…. Perhaps 50 foot strippers on the side. Ugh.

  2. Actually, I did hear something about it and no I am not the least bit surprised…

    When the Queen came to town they made sure not to go down that road. How awesome is that.

  3. Yeah and to top it off the Hummers are annoying… you ever heard them? I worked at the Attorney General’s Office downtown and the things would go by and they make animal noises… like elephants and stuff. What the heck haha.

  4. Whenever life gets you down, whenever you feel like maybe you’ve hit the end of your line, just remember: someone, somewhere in Richmond is paid to dress up in a monkey suit outside of a city strip club that offers an entire buffet for less than a gallon of gas.

  5. The horns on those puppies scream like an eagle or something or another. Makes me wanna brick their windshield. Though I’m better than that. Really.

  6. I don’t understand, what do you have against velvet humans? Wouldn’t they be soft and fuzzy? What’s wrong with that?

  7. i work at the club im the maintenance man, half the time im the one driving the hummers, which makes me real ballin! i love pissing off all you up tight M.F.’ers its hilarious the train horns are the most fun

  8. i thing this is gay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!