Baby + Jeep Wrangler = NO!

I saw this Jeep in a drive thru… And there was a baby in a baby seat in the back of the cardboard box on wheels. I for one am not comfortable with the idea that the driver is depending on everyone else to NOT rear end them. If someone did, the baby gets hit first, scary!!!

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2 Comments on “Baby + Jeep Wrangler = NO!

  1. Keep in mind that the “cardboard box on wheels” is substantially higher off the ground than a standard vehicle. It also has a real-live, honest-to-god tubular steel roll cage around the entire passenger compartment. A standard passenger car isn’t going to make much of a dent in it, and if a Wrangler gets rear-ended by a Suburban or a Humvee, will it really do that much worse than a Civic?

    I had a ’94 Wrangler for years, and got rear-ended twice within about six weeks. I won both times – all that happened was the “bumperettes” (the loops of metal on old Jeep bumpers) got bent. I sold it and bought a Forester when we started our family, but that was more because of the leaf springs and lack of A/C than for safety. If I still had it I’d probably let my kids ride in it once they’re both front-facing.

    The biggest safety risk in a Wrangler is not wearing a seat belt – as long as you stay IN the vehicle, you’re probably okay. The idiots that ride around in these things unbuckled are a Darwin award waiting to happen.