w00t! The Merriam-Webster Word of 2007…


I know, I know, some of you hate this word and find it utterly obnoxious, but wouldn’t you rather have “w00t” instead of “facebook”? Facebook may not exist in 10 years, so it doesn’t have that “long term” appeal. W00t, however, took a long time to gain recognition. I have fond memories of high school when I hear the word w00t and that was 10+ years ago. I’m glad to finally see w00t making progress. I think w00t has a long life ahead of it and seriously, isn’t it fun to say? I think so.

1. w00t (interjection)

expressing joy (it could be after a triumph, or for no reason at all); similar in use to the word “yay”

On a side note, www.w00t.com is a pretty nifty website. If you have never checked it out, you should. They are a “one day, one deal” place. Each day they have some kind of awesome deal. Some of it is junk, but some of it is awesome. Example, the original Microsoft Zune has been up there a few times and was selling for $100 or less. NEW! These ares still selling for 50% to 100% more in stores. Happy Hunting!