RVA Blogs! –> NaBloPoMo x Insane = Blog 365


Since some of my readers come from RVA Blogs, which happens to be the blogosphere of Richmond, VA, I want to invite RVA Blogs readers and contributors to the party. I would love to see some native Richmonders to get in on the fun!

NaBloPoMo really got me going with my content creation and once it was close to over, well, I wanted more. Normal people might have made a new years resolution to “blog more” or something, but I decided to take it into the realm of nutty.

Blog 365 was what I came up with and now there’s a community backing it!

I started Blog 365 on the Ning network and am ready to fill it with people!

December is going to be over faster than you know it and I am sure that many of you are considering the things you hope to accomplish in 2008. I think blogging everyday for 365 days is just what the geek/writer/or other in you is looking for!

Keep in mind this. Blogging is a very open form of expression and does not limit one to only writing. Get creative! One angle someone may want to take would be to take a single picture of themselves in the same place everyday. Think of the awesome flip book you would be able to make at the end. If you are a YouTube addict, you might want to post a daily YouTube favorite. The options are without limits…

The rules will be simple and the rewards, unless I get some nice donations of some kind, may be enhanced writing ability, deeper thought capacity, a feeling of pride in your work, and a touch of C.T.S.!

A worthwhile endeavor indeed!


8 Comments on “RVA Blogs! –> NaBloPoMo x Insane = Blog 365

  1. As much as I’d love to give it a go, the lack of internet at home and the complete joy I feel at not touching the internets on the weekends limits my ability to play. But more power to those that try, I’ll be rooting for you all.