Blog 365 is about to begin!

For those of you that have not heard, I started a Ning Network called Blog 365. The idea is to blog everyday for the entire year of 2008. It sounds crazy, which it is, but it’s also doable. At last check, has grown to over 500 participants! I have to thank Eden over @ NaBloPoMo for the inspiration and support of this idea.

I am really excitied that people have warmed up to the idea and are on board for such a big challenge.

In additon to the Ning Network, I have setup a Mega Feed for the group. It is still in development, but it will have the RSS feed of everyone that submitted their feed when joining. I am using WordPress to power the Mega Feed and a plugin called FeedWordpress by RadGeek to turn the feeds into posts. I got the RSS aggregation idea from RVABlogs, which happens to be a local blog aggregation site.

January 1st is almost here and I am ready to create some content. I hope anyone that has not yet joined will consider it. The rules are easy and the challenge will be fun and maybe even rewarding.

So right after you yell Happy New Year, be sure to add a “Happy Blog 365!”

Good Luck!


8 Comments on “Blog 365 is about to begin!

  1. It’s a great idea and am so glad you did it! It’s inspiring a lot of people. Should be a great year 🙂

  2. I went ahead and joined. It’s a helluva commitment, but I think it will help keep me writing. Thanks for putting it together!