Big OX, Flavored Oxygen In A Can…Seriously!?


I don’t know where to begin with this… I know Oxygen plays a big part in helping those with ailments back to health, but adding some flavor and selling it at convenience stores and truck stops seems a bit sketchy. I saw some of these for sale at a convenience store yesterday and had one of those double take moments when I saw them. Seriously, CANNED AIR!? Didn’t I see that on Spaceballs!? You know…Perri-Air!?


Yes, it seems I DID see that on Spaceballs. 20 years ago this was a joke in a movie, now it’s for real. This is totally crazy.

I would not suggest that anyone crack open a bottle of this stuff. I know oxygen bars exist and honestly, they kinda weird me out, but it just seems wrong that you can buy something at a truck stop that is also in hand of first responders when you call 911.


1 Comments on “Big OX, Flavored Oxygen In A Can…Seriously!?

  1. Spaceballs — How many years has it been since Ive seen that movie. I may have to rent that soon.