Widgetizing Ye Olde Sidebar!


I have been putting this off for a long time. The theme I currently use is capable of using sidebar widgets, but I have not been able to use them because my entire side bar was raw code. All of the extras that I added have been code instead of widgets. I always felt held back with this configuration and wanted transfer all of my sidebar stuff to widgets. Well I finally did it today and I am very happy about it. The next step is to replace the header with something more custom and change the code to allow me to change and update the header graphic without much trouble. Since my Gimp skills are improving, I guess it’s time to come up with something and start breaking the code.

PS – What do you think of my post graphic…made it myself!


4 Comments on “Widgetizing Ye Olde Sidebar!

  1. I think you need to add a “rate my post graphic” widget.

    This one is awesome though. Anything with gears in it is cool. 😉