What’s after NaBloPoMo? I suggest BloPo365, a posting marathon!


I think NaBloPoMo was a fantastic idea and I have fully embraced the challenge and have been posting like a mad man this month. But now that the challenge is almost over, what’s next? I could slow it down and wait for next years NaBloPoMo… Or I could think of a new way to blog my self silly!

Enter BloPo365, or some similar name. The January 1st to December 31st blogging marathon!

I’m not sure how many people are going to be on board for this, but even if I have to do it alone, I think I am going to commit to some kind of framework that will end up being an entire year of posts.

There may be a few technical hurdles…. like posting whilst on vacation or when out of internet range for extended periods of time, but I am sure some rules can be made to accommodate the hurdles.

So is anyone interested in making this an official challenge?

Drop me a line, it could be lots of fun!


8 Comments on “What’s after NaBloPoMo? I suggest BloPo365, a posting marathon!

  1. I couldn’t even do the 30 days of blogging. I spend to much time reading everyone else’s – doesn’t leave me time to write my own.

  2. Whilst I did complete last year’s challenge, and looks like I will again this year, I think you’re gonna have to do x365 without me! 😉