RVA West needs YOU….


So RVA West is up and running. Posts are currently less frequent than planned though. The main goal I have for this site is to average 2-3 posts per day that are relevant to the Far West End. I have been considering the options and have decided that I would really like to have a few people that are interested in generating content for RVA West to help me. This would improve RVA West in two ways. The first and most obvious is that there will be more content. The second improvement would be that the site is more diverse in its information.

When I started building the site, I intended RVA West to be more than a “news” site. I want personal experience and opinion pieces to be just as common as standard news items. RVA West will not become a beacon of community flaming however. I simply want a human touch in every post.

So who’s interested?

You will have the option of posting with your own account or you can email the post to me and will post it for you, with your information included in the post. I’m not going to take credit where credit is not due.

So to all West-Enders, drop me a line if you want to take part in RVA West!