My Own Post Graphics


Not that I am much of an artist, but I have recently been creating my own post headings. Until now I have been firing up Google Image Search and hunting down the “just right” image that matches my post. I have had very good luck finding images that do the job, but occasionally I have a really hard time finding something good. So far I have created my own post headers for two posts, three including this post. I hope none of my readers are master graphic designers, because the first two were made with Paint.Net (A free “Photoshop” type software), but Photoshop it is not. I have also installed “The Gimp”, which is a much more mature open source package that has been distributed with Linux Distros for forever! This post header was made with it and for now, I will keep trying to make my headers with it.

So if you notice a certain lame element to my post headings, give me a polite nudge, because though I am still learning how to create my own post graphics, I don’t want to run anyone off because my “artwork” is scary.