Google must have read my rant!


Ok, so not really. But I recently wrote a rant about my name, Kamen, and how even with my very unusual name, I still wasn’t showing up on the first page of Google search results.

Well, things have changed! I now hit the first page of search results. So either Google read my rant or I have been posting enough and getting enough readers to qualify me as being worthy of the first page of results.



2 Comments on “Google must have read my rant!

  1. You might want to check with friends and see if that’s true for them too. I made a very similar comment about another search term to some friends about how my journal was high on the Google results for the term.

    But it turns out that their results were different.

    I think that your Google search rankings are partially based on either your browser history or your searches, I’m not sure which.