A geek, his wife, and his computers……….

NaBloPoMo Day-4


I am a recently married man and I have more than one computer, which is where my problem begins. My wife and I are in the middle of a scattered conversation that comes up once or twice a week. The gist of it is this, I want two computers in the office, she wants only one.

The conversation is mostly dealing with a space issue in our office and though our house is PLENTY big for the two of us, we disagree about how well two desks will fit in the office. I really want two desks in the office, but not for the reason most geeks want a multi-box setup. I want two desks so we can work @ our respective computers at the same time. You know, to bond and stuff while she shops and post to my blog or scan for the latest geek morsel.

Most geeks want more than one computer setup so they can run a gaming server, or web server, or FTP server, or a test rig (think Linux dabbling), or a media server for all of those P2P MP3s and Movies. I used to run this site from home but Verizon put a stop to that, and if I wanted more than one box setup on KVM or Remote, I don’t think it would be contested.

So what am I to do. Do I risk it and fight for the geek cause or do I nod and smile and hope that my wonky work laptop is replaced soon so it can pull double duty? I think I already know that answer, thank you for your time.


6 Comments on “A geek, his wife, and his computers……….

  1. Why do all of the servers have to take up much space? All of those servers could run on 2 or 3 white boxes with no monitors or keyboards or anything. Just think of them as slightly humming foot rests… lol.

  2. While we don’t have a shared office, my husband and I spend much of our time sitting next to each other while we do our things on our individual MacBooks. Honestly, it’s my most favorite part of the day.