Great cause, but I’m still not buying one.


For those of you familiar with the Microsoft Zune, the iPod competitor that has yet to make a dent in Apples sales figures, this is an interesting offer that I almost went for.

Here’s the deal, Ford and Microsoft teamed up and have this special edition Zune (Generation 1) for sale and 100% of the purchase price goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Not 100% of the proceeds, 100% of the PURCHASE PRICE. How awesome is that? The Zune 1 is about to receive a pretty decent feature update from Microsoft and though it is on the large size, I recall the screen being pretty top notch. So what’s not to like right?

The problem is this. If I bought this device, it would be for Mel. I am a man that can handle a little pink once in a while. In fact, I got married in a pink shirt and tie, so there. But I don’t want a pink Zune. And Mel might use it, but probably not, we already have more than enough iPods around here. So I guess I am going to pass on this good cause deal. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure Ford and Microsoft had the color conversation and went with ONLY pink to keep from donating TOO much money. I really hope not, but I think it.

If you will digg a pink Zune, please, GO BUY ONE and give Susan G. Komen for the Cure250 bucks!