Is your site squeaky clean?

When it comes to websites, do you prefer busy feature filled, super media, bells and whistles kind of sites? Or are you a less is more kind of person. I have been around the web a few times and it’s amazing how quickly my A.D.D. kicks in when I run across a busy, feature filled site. I am certain I have closed pages just because there was too much being displayed at one time. TechDirt mentioned the new and “improved” that many find less useful and more complicated. Think about the websites you frequent. Are they simple and easy to use or are they full of nonsense that hinders more than it helps? Most of the sites I visit have the clean look in common. I like to think my own sites are clean and easy to use, that is at least my intent. In the business world, a company web site can sometimes make or break you. I guess I need to keep that in mind as I set off to rebuild the website for the company I work for.