That’s our government!


Have you seen this video? This video picked up steam on the internweb today and I was not at all happy to see it. I am not going to get on a soapbox and scream “HOW COULD THEY”, but I would like to point out that this scene reminds me more of a bunch of youngsters racing to get the last piece of candy than a group of esteemed legislators doing their jobs in the professional manor we all expect. Please take a look at this video and respond anywhere you would like.

I really wonder sometimes what it is going to take to get our government back on the right path. I’m not saying there are many government systems that perform better than the US government overall, but better than most is not good enough in my book.

I do realize that most of these people are “fill-in” voting for those that are in their party and not present at the time, but it still seems like a bad way to run things. Another example? How about the 100+ page bills that are passed that represent millions and sometimes billions of dollars that are not even thoroughly examined or scrutinized. If the US passes a bill to give the troops more money, not only did they give the troops more money, but they passed a whole host of other spending bills at the same time. I am assuming, which I try not to do, that each party keeps it quiet so when they want something, their bill will also be kept quiet and pass through with the pile.

It brings me down to one belief that I have had for many years and will probably never change.

The American public needs to be more involved! How about asking the citizens what should be done. Put the responsibility on us. Have weekly votes that are simple, singularly focused, and easily accessible. The government makes many decisions based on what is best for the greater good, but I think there are far too many decisions that are made that forget the greater good and are all about party lines, money, and power. I’m not going to threaten to move to Canada or anything, at least not yet, but I really hope and pray that our government system gets an overhaul, AND SOON!


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