Will it blend – iPhone / The perfect ending to my weekend sans cell.

This is a very appropriate follow-up to my previous post. Blendtec, my favorite YouTube contributor, has taken it up a notch and done, to some, the unthinkable. Yes, they blended an iPhone. It was both pleasing and painful to watch.

Watch this, then read my follow-up notes on my weekend sans cellphone.

Painful right!? But very, very fun.

So I spent the weekend leaving my cellphone at home and though it was not a monumental test of my ability to part with my electronics, it was a good experience. I didn’t have to worry about my phone ringing in restaurants or answering whilst driving. I also didn’t have to stress about the many dropped calls I have been experiencing on the Sprint network. I felt as if I had a little more freedom than usual. Also my shorts were much lighter and more comfortable without the extra baggage.

That being said, I did miss one of them. Since I decided to leave the Treo at home I couldn’t check e-mail or use Google maps, which I now apparently rely on. So I guess what I said before is true. If I could have a smartphone of some kind that uses EVDO or similar and has Google maps, E-mail, Web, and etc. and no phone, I would be mucho happy. Until then, I will carry my Treo and leave the work cell on the table @ home. (If my work is reading, that means have it with me 24/7)