September Bliss – Notes on our upcoming wedding day!


September 8th is the date and it’s going to be here in no time. I’m really starting to get excited about the whole thing. As each decision and plan is made, my vision of how it will turn out becomes more clear. Not to say that the whole process has been easy and fluid. It’s pretty freaking insane actually and I now understand why wedding planners have a place on this earth. That being said, I am very proud that we are handling the bulk of the process ourselves. Mel and I are both tired, we will be able to look back at the experience and laugh, or cry, or whatever. The most important thing is that in a matter of weeks, Mel will be my wife, forever! I can’t wait.

Part of my wedding planning contribution has been to get a wedding website setup and since it now exists and has more than blank pages, I want the URL to be passed around to anyone that wants it.

Enter September Bliss Dot Com