RIAA and Me, how far can average users go without getting screwed?


It’s late so I’m going to get right to the point on this one.

Is it wrong for me to stream copyrighted music on this site for my viewers to enjoy? You see, I found a great plugin for WordPress that allows me to post individual MP3 files in my blog posts and I really want to start posting some of my favorite stuff. I have already posted a few songs, of which you may have seen and heard, but some new streaming internet radio laws have come into play recently and though my usage is very low, I don’t want any attention from the RIAA, not even for one song. Don’t get the wrong idea, I am not paranoid about P2P file sharing, BitTorrent, and the like, but streaming media is a little different that downloading the new Modest Mouse track before buying the album.

By the way, I already have SiCKO on DVD, thanks Mr. Moore.

As I said, streaming is different, am I running a risk if I post a few songs here and there for my viewers to check out?

Give me your thoughts.