I ran across RELEVANT Magazine the other day and though I have not yet read a copy of it, I am intrigued and interested. Instead of trying to describe them, I will attached their “Who We Are:” blurb from their website.

“We get a lot of emails asking who we are, so here it is: We’re twentysomething Christians. We want to break stereotypes, challenge status-quo and enact change through the media. We’re seeking God, living life and striving to impact the world around us. It’s pretty simple, really. Oh yeah, and we’re a self-contained, for-profit business not affiliated with any other companies, denominations or organizations.”

RELEVANT Magazine Dot Com is a pretty awesome site, it’s very media centric with lots of audio and video feeds. The site comes across to me as being very well put together and from what I have seen so far, the magazine is just as well done. I will report back once I get my first issue of the magazine.