NØ SmØking AllØwed


I ran across a post on North Richmond News this evening that got me thinking about smoking policies in public establishments. So here’s the deal, I used to smoke, about a pack a day and I did it for more years than I am willing to admit. And I’m only 28. So anyway, I used to hate those places that didn’t allow smoking. I would avoid them if at all possible and when I did go to them, I hated every minute. Now it’s not that I need to have a cig lit at all times, but knowing that I was not allowed to made it unbearable. Kinda weird now that I think about it a bit. I remember going to a pool hall near Boone, NC that was a non-smoking, family oriented, establishment and at the time I thought “What? A pool hall you can’t smoke in? That’s worse than being at Starbucks with no Camels.” , but now I miss out on playing pool because I choose not to inhale half a pack while playing. I actually have really been wishing for a non-smoking pool hall to open up in the area. I have a feeling it would be successful and I am sure I would visit, but for now I have to go early to beat the smoldering crowd.

New York and San Francisco have led the way in smoking bans and I am sure the non-smokers of the bunch are very happy with the results. I also know that many municipalities have considered doing the same thing. I always enjoy visiting these places for their clean air, but I don’t think a country wide ban would go nearly as well. I think it might end up more like a tobacco version of prohibition. And we don’t need any of that, we already have enough underground markets.

Here’s the thing, I happen to believe that smoking bans in restaurants, and the like, should be at the discretion of the establishments owners. In this case I think the pressure from Style is awesome. I hope Dot’s decides to make it a rule, but if they don’t, there are two very good options to choose from within a short drive. To Style I say “More of that please!”, because positive peer pressure works better than government laws, in my opinion at least.


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  1. I agree with you all around, and I often hear from friends that they specifically avoid certain places because of how much the smoke infiltrates every pore of their being.

    I’m not a smoker and never have been, but I have had plenty of friends that were/are. I don’t feel like they should be legally branded as outcasts because they enjoy smoking.

    BUT, it is good to see individual owners taking everyone’s comfort into consideration and taking it upon themselves to take steps.

    Rather than banning smoking, I’ve always advocated getting a decent smoke-eater. It’s the quality of the air that’s important, not the act of smoking itself.

  2. I just wanted to say I agree with your statement that it’s sould be left to the owner’s choice. A large percentage of my clientel smokes here at Dot’s, pob 80%, and they come here because they can. It’s ashame I don’t a a bigger venue to have 2 sections one for non-smokers. I am working on the problems of kithen oders ect. to help my customers eg Changing cycle of cleaning smoke eaters to every 15 days rather than 30 and more power on the hood in the kitchen. But I’m no going smokless due to my patrons that frequent Dot’s and I don’t feel government has the right to tell someone what to do with thier buisness.