Google – Grand Central – Wow


I just got access to the  Google Grand Central beta. All I can say is WOW. I heard about it a month or so ago and the gist I got was that you get a phone number and when people call it, it rings all of your phones. That is exactly what it does, except it does a whole lot more. For example, you can have blocked numbers, or any calls, answered by the system so that the caller must say their name and when you answer, you are notified of the callers response given the ability to take the call, send the call to voicemail, or to listen in on the voicemail as it is being recorded. All voicemail messages are available online and you are emailed when you get a new voicemail. You can also customize what type of ring the caller hears when it is attempting to connect you. There are a bunch of settings to choose from that are well documented and easy to use. I was able to put a Grand Central “Call Me” link on my site that allows anyone to input their info and call me using the click to call style feature Google has had in it’s pocket for a while now. For the un-informed, click to call initiates a call between you and your destination number by first ringing your phone, as soon as you answer, it connects the call and rings the destination number for you. So far I have only been able to tinker with Grand Central, but I have found it to be very impressive right out of the box.


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