Chez Roue – Best RVA Jazz EVER!


My VERY soon to be wife used to work @ Southern Culture and I used to go see these guys EVERY Thursday. When I found them on YouTube, I almost fell out of my chair. I was reminded of them by Fan District Hub when they posted a photo of Roger Carroll wondering who that man with the fantastic sax skills was. They play every Thursday night @ Cafe Diem and I think I need to pay a visit and get my fix. Til then, enjoy the YouTube vids. All of them, it’s worth it.

As a side note, I dream of them playing my wedding reception, but I doubt I will be able to foot the bill to get them to OBX on Sept. 8th. Aw Shucks!


Chez Roue – “All Over Now”

Chez Roue – “Telephone Call from Istanbul”

Chez Roue – “Telephone Call from Istanbul” #2

Chez Roue – “Always You”

Chez Roue – “Mama Tried”

Chez Roue – “Write Myself a Letter”

12 Comments on “Chez Roue – Best RVA Jazz EVER!

  1. Nice posting! I’m sure you remember the Sunday night band Roger also plays in – Piedmont Souprize. They are starting up an every other Sunday show at Emilio’s on August 19th.

  2. best rva jazz ever? they’re good, but just one small faction of richmond’s enormous jazz population.