RVA Blogger, are you getting 2nd paged?

This shall serve as a test, for I am having issues with my submissions to RVA Blogs. I have been associated with RVA Blogs for a month and love that something like this even exists. The Richmond blog scene is expanding ever so quickly. SEE You tell me, shall I start an Innsbrook Blog?
That being said, I have been experiencing something odd with my submissions. I post to my site and shortly find that it has landed on the RVA Blogs site, but it land at the bottom of page 1 or on page 2. I have fiddled with the timezone a bit and it seems to help a little, but I still end up way down the list, while other posts seem to hang around the front page for hours. I imagine that RVA Blogs sorts it’s submissions by time and date, which is why messing with the timezone helps. Is anyone else having this issue? I have noticed, since I started looking for it, that other posts are landing in similar areas. I don’t want to hog the front page, but I don’t want my traffic from RVA Blogs to be limited to only 2nd page RVA explorers.
Is there an issue or am I imagining things?


4 Comments on “RVA Blogger, are you getting 2nd paged?

  1. You’re not imagining things. I have that same problem with my blog.

    Despite having a valid feed and correct timestamps, it can take hours for a post to show up on RVABlogs.

    Even stranger, sometimes my post is on RVABlogs (if I search for it by keywords) but isn’t actually listed until later in the day.

    I also ran into a problem with another site I submitted. Even though it was a valid feed (identical to my blog’s feed), Ross was never able to get the feed to post to his site.