The pool and why I want more land!

The above picture is probably a very similar scene to that of my neighbors house yesterday. Yep, that’s right they had a very large, expensive fiberglass pool hoisted over their house and put into the nifty new hole that had been dug a couple of days before. I am happy for them and all, who knows, maybe it will help the value of my house, but overall this seems to be bothering me more as each day passes.
Here’s the thing, we live on the corner, so this one house is the only one “close” to us. Close in the sense that if we are both doing yard work, we are close enough that we would be a-holes if we didn’t say hello. The problem is that ever since moving day, all we have talked about is the friggin pool and when I am going to have two trees cut down. The day we were moving in, the husband came over and walked right in to the house to introduce himself. Keep in mind, there were a bunch of people in the house moving stuff, it was hot, and we were all exhausted. But anyway, he introduced himself and proceeded to announce the new addition and at first I thought he was being neighborly and was going to say something like “you’ll have to come over and have a swim once it’s installed” but no, he started in about how there are some trees that the pool people might want to cut down and that there were a few dead trees in my yard that needed to go also. So much for neighborly. So for the last few months he has been checking in with us to see if were going to have the trees cut down before the beloved pool arrived. We finally explained that although we appreciated him getting the tree guys to give us quotes, we just bought the house and have a huge list of things to spend money on. We assured him that it was a priority and that it will be done as quickly as we can afford it. He seems to accept the answer, but apparently not for last Sunday was the last straw for me.
So we had not formally met his wife just yet, but there they were, knocking on our door whilst Mel and I were in a heated game of Nerf basketball. Embarrassed to been seen in such a heated Nerf match, we answered the door and were notified by the both of them that the pool was being installed Wednesday and that the insurance company urged them to give us some “info”. So they give us a piece of paper that they had typed up that basically states that if either of the trees happen to fall on their pool, they will be covered, but their insurance company will then sue our insurance company and they may not cover damages if they can prove negligence. We discussed what was in the letter ans said goodbye, then I simmered about it for a while.
Here’s the thing, they are doing what is necessary, so I am not mad about the research and the letter. I am FUMING about one thing though. The duo decided to send this same letter to the nice elderly lady behind us and to the head of the homeowners association. Apparently, they tried to get the previous owners to cut the dead trees down, then they tried to get the Realtor to do it, but to no avail. So now it’s our problem and because of the letter, we are probably looking somewhat undesirable to the nice lady behind us and the homeowners association head. What a couple of jerks.

The moral, the next house will be surrounded by land, not neighbors!


8 Comments on “The pool and why I want more land!

  1. Just passing by. I don’t think they care the tree falls on their pool. It’s more likely the fact they don’t want to clean out all the leaves and crap that goes with cleaning the pool. If they want it removed, let THEM pay. Heck, you didn’t ask them to put a pool in!

  2. Two of the trees are dead, we have told them it WILL be done. But they did try to get me to cut a live one down and I told them that they were more than welcome to pay to cut it down but I was not going to do it. It will be dropping pine needles into their pool if the wind blows right.