It depends upon whom you depend……..

So a while back I referenced the 70/30 split of the general population. I am here today to expand on this notion. This idea is not mine, I happened upon it by accident, and it was delivered to me in a comical frame. The problem, however, is that the older I get the more I can identify with this idea. So here it is…..
The notion is this, only 30% of the general population is tolerable. It’s simple, kinda rude, and funny. I won’t go so far as to say that I hate the other 70%, but I find myself in more situations these days that make me wonder what has gotten into people. Look in any direction at any given moment of the day and if you are surrounded in some capacity by the general public, I can assure you that many are moments from doing something annoying. Whether it’s being overly aggressive on the road, jumping to the short line in Sheetz without yielding to those who have been waiting, taking three if it’s free, and the list goes on and on. Bad follow through is a big one and if life were a golf game, there would be a whole bunch of really bad golfers. I seem to be victim of this phenomenon on almost a daily basis. It seems that the things I ask for from others is not often important enough to do completely and on time. If I have promised to deliver something to someone else by a certain time or day and then someone, whom I am relying on, lets me down, I am up the creek with no paddle, high and dry, and whatnot, left to break the bad news to someone that is relying on and trusting me. Something happened within the last decade or so, because not many take the responsibility to take something from beginning to end. Not many take pride in the end product they produce. It’s sad.
So I guess what started as a joke, seems to be playing itself out to be real and true. I guess I’ll just have to look harder to find that 30% I so truly enjoy being around. Good news though, I happen to be only three short months away from marrying a 30 percenter. And for that, I am truly grateful!