Snow Mower on Snowmass

So last week I decided that it was indeed time to get cracking on the hunt for a lawn mower. The grass was starting to get out of hand and well, I didn’t want to say hello to our new neighbors with eight inches of grass underfoot. So we looked everywhere; online, Lowes, Home Depot, Southern States, Ace Hardware, etc. We almost bought a self propelled, but a couple of people, whom will remain nameless, gave me a bunch of guff about buying self propelled. You know, the “What?, why do you need that? You lazy or something?” So last Friday we were in Lowes and were within moments of buying the self propelled model anyway when something came over me and we decided to save a hundred bucks and propel the mower ourselves. Now I’m sure the peer pressure had something to do with our decision, but I feel fairly confident that the savings played a larger role. We lugged it home and I was looking forward to Saturday, for I was going to get outside and play, I mean work in the yard with my new toy, I mean tool.
Fast forward to 7:30 Saturday morning. Mel wakes up and promptly gets my attention. I open my eyes and, wait, what?……it was a winter wonderland outside. Snow covering everything, including the stupid grass I was going to mow. I think I saw on the news that we set some kind of record for latest spring snow. So I guess I should have bought a snow mower or something, because the new mower just sat in it’s box on the front porch with nothing to do.
I was glad to see the snow, but was equally glad to see it go. Sunday was back to normal and we got some mowing done and began the process of gathering up the car sized pile of leaves and pine needles. A job that is far from over and should have been done months ago. Lazy old owners.
It’s kind off cool that we had our first snow shortly after we moved in to our house on Snowmass Rd. It kinda fits don’t ya think?