Moving Day

Well, moving day is quickly approaching. We are setup with a truck for Saturday and have enlisted the help of a few family members. It’s weird actually, I stopped by the apartment this afternoon to check the mail and it felt VERY strange. Even though most of our stuff is still at the apartment, the house already feels like home. The apartment, well, it feels good to not call it home anymore. I mean really, we have been there for a long time and I can’t wait to turn in the keys.

Actually, I have been constructing a rant to post for over a week now and seeing as I have not been able to word it well enough to actually put up on the front page, I’ll insert the abbreviated version here.

You see, our downstairs neighbor has been living at the complex for a while now. Within the first week of her moving in she complained to the office about us making a lot of noise. Specifically noise related to walking……..WALKING!! Needless to say, I was not amused that we were being told we needed to keep the walking noise down.
No clogging after 8, no problem.
No WWE RAW reenactments after 8:30, ok.
But “keep the walking to a minimum when it’s late”, retarded.
I can appreciate the desire to have a quiet home, I love a quiet home. And thats why I ALWAYS LIVED IN A TOP FLOOR APARTMENT! The most ironic part about this whole experience is that last week we got a new notice. A notice that the office had received a complaint about us making noise. Specifically, loud noises. First off, at this point we had not been sleeping at the apartment for a few days. I will admit up front that we had stopped by one evening to pick up clothes and things and it was rather late, but it wasn’t 1 AM or anything. I am 100% sure that it was our downstairs neighbor, again. I explained the situation to the property manager and she seemed to be on my side about the whole thing, but it still chafes me that we are the most conservative young people in the building and yet, to the downstairs neighbor, we are loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate hoodlums, or something like that. It comes down to a lack of understanding, which, in part, is why the 70/30 rule exists for me. More on that theory in a later post.
Really, it’s a moo point, you know, it’s a cows opinion so it doesn’t matter. I mean, we don’t live there any more. Essentially we have a very expensive storage unit that has air conditioning and a toilet. But as I said in the opening, it’s almost over. We have officially stepped into a new chapter in our life. We have made the leap out of our top floor apartments and into a mountain of debt.