Dog Tired Today!

Moving day is an odd day. One the one hand it’s great because, in most cases, you’re making a new step towards something important in you’re life. In our case this is most definitely true. One the other hand, however, moving day is one of the most grueling, tiring, marathon kind of days that you won’t soon forget. Yesterday was no exception. We moved everything but the kitchen …….. the kitchen sink stays, thank goodness. We filled the Rent-A-Truck to the top and had only a couple of inches of clearance for the door to shut. I guess you could say we got our moneys worth. When I was driving the truck over here to the new house, it felt like I had an elephant in tow. The steering was weired and the acceleration was that of a horse and buggy. The unloading was a freaking marathon, at least it went quickly. It was a very nice feeling to realize, while carrying all of our stuff down from the top floor, that we probably won’t be doing any 3rd floor move ins any time soon. Yeah, we do have a second floor in our house, so we didn’t get off scott free or anything, but it was most definitely easier than doing the sideways shuffle two or three times to get to a top floor apartment. All things considered, yesterday went very well. I am very appreciative of everyone that came over to help. Without them, we wouldn’t be done yet. I have so many things to do and all I want to do is take a nap.