Grow Alone, Grow Weird (You’re probably normal. Seriously.)

It’s a pretty simple concept. And the older I get, the more I subscribe to it.

Some time alone is good for everyone, but too much time to yourself starts to skew your perception and ultimately leaves you feeling like a weirdo. Having spent much of my life as a “semi-social” person, being on the outside leaves you struggling with things that in reality are totally normal. Now more than ever, being a parent of two small children, I am facing more situations that make me crave more interaction with folks in a similar phase of life. This parenting thing is hard. Being an adult is hard. Life… it’s hard.

Sometimes all you need is confirmation that everyone else finds life as hard and impossible as you do. So instead of running your head into a wall or taking up a solid drinking habit, you vent it a little and realize you’re normal.

Most of us live very isolated lives. It’s bullshit.