Kids Stop Motion Sk8

skateboardPretty cool stop motion vid I found at random. A kickflip, grind, AND that pesky rock that tosses you to the ground… this video’s got it all! I hated those pesky little rocks. Always making me slap the sidewalk with my hands and stopping my forward motion with my knees. Fun stuff.

I recall doing some stop motion stuff with my buddy Caleb WAY back in the day. We also did our own version of the Cape Fear (1991) opening scene. It actually turned out really well. We did some other video about a guy trying to kill himself, but could not succeed. One of the scenes was of the guy jumping out the window of his house. While the video work was “ok”… we hit a snag when we realized that when we filmed the first scene, the main character was shoeless and shirtless. The next scene was going to be of the main character landing, unscathed, after his death seeking jump. So for the sake of integrity, Caleb went outside and climbed the tree out front to prepare for the landing scene… shoeless and shirtless… in about 8-10 inches of snow. Pretty sure it took two takes to get it right too… poor guy.