Lifestream for 2008-10-18


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  • UVA band descending on the field… Game on!
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  • New blog post: Lifestream for 2008-10-17
  • Heading to C’Ville in a little while for the UNC – UVA football game… I live in VA, but will be sporting my UNC cap… A Tarheel guy I am
  • @glucas I am surrounded by bright orange… No threats just yet though…
  • Hoos are talking a lot of trash, but the Heels are still up 7 – 0!
  • Well, UNC held on for the duration and lost it @ the end… Fans rushing the field was fun to watch… Everyone laughed when told to leave..
  • @3amJosh anyone tell you that you look like Harry Potter in your avitar…?
  • @3amJosh you get a Second Gen Touch?
  • @3amJosh How can you sell it as new… You have two?
  • @jmlumpkin our 5 year old niece has an email account already… We joke about her having a Facebook page… Not yet though… Thank God!
  • @3amJosh aaaahhhh… I got it… I remember you talking about it now…