Blogging with the iPhone and iPod Touch

This is the first REAL solution I have seen that allows mobile posting to my WordPress site. Unlike the few wonky alternatives, this software for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been released by the developers of the WordPress platform. Having only an iPod Touch, my posting ability is limited by my access to WiFi, so it’s use is somewhat limited. I am able to compose posts “offline” and post later, which is what I am doing with this post, but I do not envision myself building many posts for future publishing. I guess I am just not that important, nor do I have the interest in managing such a process. I anticipate that in the future I will own an iPhone and when that happens, this app will suddenly become my 24/7 portal to online publishing. Agh, the crap I will write about…. Just wait! I bet this could be handy for all of you iPhone owning community bloggers… Tried it yet?

3 Comments on “Blogging with the iPhone and iPod Touch

  1. The last couple of posts to my blog have come from my iPhone. It works nicely, but the keyboard on the iPhone does not lend itself to my blathering, 2000-word essay style of blogging…