I Am Potpourri, In a Miscellany Kind of Way


20 Days… I took a 20 day reprieve from all things blogging, even stepped away from Twitter. Now it’s time to dust things off a bit and get back at it, but not in the same manner as I had previously been “getting at it”. Daily blogging and constantly updating Twitter became distracting and was taking up too much of my daily time. It’s not that posting a YouTube video takes very long, but I was thinking about posting everyday and HAD to find something to post everyday.

I have been considering “what’s next” for my site now that daily blogging is off the table. Part of me wanted to focus my efforts on one purpose or plan for my blog. A single stream of thought as opposed to a mishmash of everything I guess. I tried to settle my mind on that idea and it never would. I couldn’t come up with one part of me or my thoughts that would be a good singular theme for my blog. I guess I just don’t work that way, besides, I like some of the viral goofy stuff and want to share it with my readers when the mood strikes me.

Such as my life, I am potpourri, my palette of interest reaches far and wide. A jack of all trades, master of none in my abilities and in my interests.

Kamen Lee Dot Com is here to stay, but the focus will remain Miscellany.

It’s good to be back…


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