Change of Blogging Pace, Because Life Trumps Interweb…


I think it’s time to slow things down around here. I post everyday, mainly because I was the one that started Blog365, but also because I enjoy it. I have really enjoyed it and feel a sense of accomplishment since I have completed just over six months of daily posts. I guess what I have decided is that I have proven the point to myself and that I need to now focus on my purpose for posting. Sure, posting the funny viral stuff is fun and I tend to get a lot of hits on my site from that stuff, but what is that worth? Not much unless I get paid to post stuff I guess, and I don’t get paid for any of it, though I am sure that is no surprise. I could just as easily see it elsewhere, laugh, and move on.

I do write purposeful things on this site . Whether it be my own perspective on some tech topic or maybe something more personal, like losing weight. I pour myself into this in many ways. I guess for now though, I want the more purposeful and thoughtful kinds of things to be the only things that make it on my site. I am leaving the simple stuff, that has little to do with me, out of the equation and I will take that time and reinvest it back into my non-web life…

I have always viewed Kamen Lee Dot Com as potential a beginning of some kind. I have dreams of one day being a professional web presence. Whether it be tech in nature or some other kind of niche, I just always thought of my site as a starting point for that dream. At the moment I am finding that it has increased my ability and has helped me to improve my writing ability and style, but it has been taking up a lot of time. I feel the pressure, on a daily basis, to make a post about something and I am at the point that I generally abandon the way I want to post, for what I have time to post. In other words, Quantity has been reigning over Quality in most cases, not ALL, but most.

So what now?

We’ll see what happens. I guess I have come to the point where I end up asking myself what is all of this worth. What end result in life will be improved by me posting some goofy stuff on a virtual space? What else could I be doing with the time it takes to post that television blooper I saw on YouTube? I am starting to wonder where the use of the internet is complimentary to my life and where it is contradictory.

My wife and I are getting seriously close to getting involved in some kind of foster care program. Once that happens, the kid ball, so to speak, will be rolling and within a handful of years the phrases “fostering”, “adoption”, and “having our own” may ALL be a part of our evolving adult vocabulary. In that lens, I don’t see much room for Twittering, Blogging, or Otherwise unless it’s part of some kind of home based business.

So there it is, things are going to change and I am actually looking forward to relieving myself of the weight I placed on my own shoulders with the whole" “Blog all year” thing… Keep you RSS subscription and keep checking in, I am pretty sure I am not going away, I’m just changing gears to keep things moving in the right direction.

Oh, and just so everyone is clear on this. You can hire me to be a pro blogger of some kind. You would make my millennium…

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  1. I totally agree. Many days I’ll think to myself late at night, “Crap, I haven’t blogged today!” I’ve done it every single day so far, but sometimes it’s more of a burden than it is fun. I love writing, but many days I post low-quality “just-because-I-have-to” stuff. I’m sticking with the daily for now, especially since I have a lot of post-dated entries that will show up, but we’ll see.

  2. Yeah man yeah. Take it all with a grain of salt – world won’t end if you stop blogging. Some days I post a bunch, some weeks I post nothing. I find myself enjoying commenting on other posts more sometimes. That’s AWESOME – getting involved with a foster care program!!

    For me blogging time tends to maybe happen at night, but not always. I do occasionally need to kick myself as this blogging can become its own idol, demanding our worship… especially when you have charts you can always look at.

    “Pro” blogger, eh? Isn’t that an oxymoron? “It’s like calling someone a professional amateur”

    Chriss last blog post..transparency

  3. Kamen, I think a lot of us who signed up for the Blog365 thing are hitting a “what the heck was I thinking?” wall.

    As the button might say, “I blogged for 365 straight day, and all I got was this lousy sense of accomplishment.”

    Blog365 has been VERY good to me… and I’m GLAD for it. But I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth it.

    I appreciate your transparency. 🙂

    Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)s last blog post..Weekly Winners: June 22-28

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  5. wow, I’ve just stopped by your blog and have to say CONGRATS on the forter care thing! That is such an awesome thing. And ditto on the blogging with a purpose. It’s hard because I wanna keep my blog up to date, but I also want to write meaningful stuff.

    La Petite Belles last blog post..My weekend and a *gasp* job search?

  6. I found your post via another blog (nothing bad), seems I gave up about the same time. I decided it was too much pressure and so much less fun to feel I had to post daily. So I gave myself Sundays off. Funny thing is though that after a few Sundays I am back to everyday again. I’m a weirdo.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the challenge even if we didn’t make the entire year. 🙂

    Lisa’s Chaoss last blog post..Fun Quirky Monday

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  10. Wow, it would’ve been nice if you had announced this over on Blog 365 so the rest of us wouldn’t have posted even when we were ill or recovering from surgery.

    So…can you at least make a nice graphic badge for those of us who stuck it out for 365 (366) days? We earned it.


  11. To “CountryMouse”: Congratulations on sticking it out all year, but honestly some of us have lives. I dropped out a few weeks after Kamen did because I had other priorities. If you blogged while you were ill or recovering from surgery, that’s your choice. That’s cool. But it was just that- your choice. What baffles me is you would have stopped if you knew Kamen did? Well, that’s kinda sad. And I’m sure you can make your own badge or graphic from some of your awesome clip art from 1998 you have on your website. Happy New Year and blog on!!!!111oneone. 🙂

    Trevor Dickersons last blog post..Christmas 2008: A Light In The Darkness