Value City is Taunting Me!

Mel and I bought some furniture from Value City back in December. When the bulk of the furniture was delivered though, one of the feet on the couch was messed up. The wood had been chipped and though it was not very noticeable, I brought it to the attention of the delivery guys and they noted it on the delivery ticket and said they would have the office people schedule a service call. Weeks went by and I heard nothing from VC. Then in January we had an item that was on backorder delivered. When these guys showed up, I mentioned it to them and they noted the ticket and said they would schedule a service call. Guess what, no one ever called me. I finally called the store to discuss the problem and let them know that they could easily ship me a new foot since it simply unscrews from the couch itself. Nice and easy right? Well more time went by and I heard nothing. I finally called in again and was told that the office that takes the orders had been damaged in a fire and that orders were backing up a bit, but not to worry, it would be taken care of. A few more weeks went by with not communication and I called again! They said it was on order and should arrive soon. Yeah sure it was. So here I am, it’s April 7th and I still have not received anew foot for our couch. I am not that mad about it, I am sure I will eventually get it and since the couch is 100% functional it has not been a big deal. So why do I finally decide to rant?

Check this out!

I went to look up the number for the store and THIS was on the search page. Talk about taunting me. They will photograph the EXACT foot I need, but won’t give it to me. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya, a conspiracy!