Twitter Activity from 2008-04-30

  • Anyone else get hooked watching Carrier on PBS? Stayed up too late last two nights….. #
  • Doesn’t PBS come over the air? We have FiOS, but only have the standard CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, and a couple of other local channels #
  • @chrisstewart Back in the PS1 days I used to go home for lunch to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Inhale food, play THPS! #
  • Ukrop’s salad for lunch, bagger turned sideways, they offered a new salad, but I kept mine. Was good anyway. Plus I felt bad for the guy… #
  • Giving Twhirl a whirl because TwitterFox keeps doing weird stuff when I hit char. 141 #
  • I wonder if one can go through food withdrawl and get headaches like you can when a coffee drinker doesn’t drink coffee….. #
  • @chrispirillo Dude what did you send? It appears something may have gone wrong… #
  • @3amJosh You should use a rollback tow truck so if they are bad, you can dump them off of the stage… #
  • @tpmorgan You sound like a true Twitter Addict….. #
  • Trying Alert Thingy….. feeling unsure about it… #
  • Twhirl to Alert Thingy to Spaz……. back to Twhirl – Was having issues with my "default" browser settings. So Twhirl remain current champ. #

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